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Hello, i'm a 26 year old simgle mom who has had problems with her teeth, all her life. I cannot afford proper dental treatments, and my company does not offer dental insurance. I am in pain nearly 24/7 and every one of my teeth is literally rotting. I need help so badly, and if anyone can suggest *ANYTHING*, I would be eternally grateful. I currently live in Western Maryland, and cannot even get help via welfare unless I quit my job, which I simply cannot do. I'm at my wit's end here.. so many sleepless nights are affecting me physically at this point and I am ready to just die. I'm so miserable and just need help so badly! Does anyone know anything they can suggest? Right now I don't even smile because of how horrid my teeth look. I'm so frustrated that I don't even care about how it looks anymore, I just want the pain to be gone... PLEASE, if anyone has any suggestions, email me - Thanks in advance for even the tiniest bit of advice. Andrea