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is this dental office for real?!


I just came back from a dentist appointment..It was horrible! It took an hour and a half just to get my xrays and when i finally went into the room, i noticeed the assistant didnt open a new pack of fresh, sterile dental utensils,..She got them out a dirty old drawer which had piles of more dirty utensils, and placed them on a tray. Being as curious as i am, i looked at the metal pick and little mirrior, it had some nasty gunky green stuff..i ran out of there and i told the nurse that they were relly dirty, she ran to the bcak to get the dentist and they tried to convince me to stay, they even took me to the back to show me how they "sterilize" the utensils..That machine was dirty, old and rusty... Can someone tell me if i should report this or is reusing metal dental utensils the new "green" of dentistry?