Xylitol helps prevent cavities

Xylitol helps prevent cavities

Anyone who has ever had a cavity knows that getting a filling isn't a fun process. The sound and smell of the drill is something you never forget. After getting a few fillings myself, I decided to be more proactive at preventing them in the future. That's how I learned that products containing xylitol may help reduce the number of cavities you get.What is xylitol?

Simply stated, xylitol is a naturally sweet alcohol that is found in most fruits and vegetables. Because of its sweetness, it is often used in sugar-free products, such as chewing gum. What makes xylitol even more special is that it actually neutralizes the bacteria in the mouth that causes cavities.

In addition to using fluoride products, my dental hygienist recommended that I suck on xylitol-containing mints after meals. One of the most common brands is Spry. They have a line of gum, mints and oral rinses that are sure to feed any sweet tooth. In addition to their yummy candy products, they also offer toothpaste flavors and mouthwashes that contain the cavity-fighting ingredient.

How do these products taste? After trying out both the mints and the gum, I decided that they are similar in taste to most other candies on the market. That's probably due to the fact that many mainstream gum companies also use xylitol in their products. Remember being told to chew gum after meals? Not only does your saliva rinse your mouth, but the added xylitol also combats dangerous germs and bacteria.

If you are ready for a perfect dental check-up, then I suggest you add xylitol-containing products to your daily routine. Test out some mints. Not only will your breath be fresh, but your teeth will thank you for it.