Veneers: I have to save some money

Veneers: I have to save some money

It would take thousands of dollars for my teeth to look like Julia Roberts'

It pains me to admit it, but the focus on cosmetic dentistry is huge where I live. No one has crooked teeth and next to no one has a less than perfect smile. In theory, I know that this isn’t exactly the case, but it’s what I perceive. 

With the idea of grabbing a great deal on some inexpensive dental work, I bravely went into a cosmetic dentist office in an obscure area and got quotes for veneers. The price was $1,000. At first, I was pretty happy. I have to tell that I thought about becoming a movie star for about two seconds. Then I realized that the price was per tooth. 


I asked about dental insurance and how much it would usually cover. The answer was pretty grim; the best dental plans would cover up to 50 percent with most dental plans covering nothing related to cosmetic dentistry.My dreams of becoming the next Julia Roberts slowly started to fade away. I have no idea how any normal person can afford veneers. Maybe they’re cheaper in Kansas which secretly is the hub for inexpensive cosmetic dentistry?


I do know that people take trips for the purpose of cosmetic dentistry. Mexico is a huge destination for cosmetic dentistry as are places in Southeast Asia. The question then remains if you want to trust your pearlies to a person who might not be trained as a dentist, but has the right kind of office and the right sign? The case of an auto-mechanic turned dentist in Southeast Asia comes to mind as an example who might not be qualified to be the best dentist in the world. 


So, like the belly fat advertisements, when the average, everyday person logs onto Facebook, they are inundated with requests for teeth whitening prospects. The occasional veneer ad might come through on a GroupOn, but nowhere else. 


So, what do you do to brighten your pearlies? What do you do if you don’t appreciate the shape of your teeth? Are there alternatives to veneers that work just as well or are we just looking at media images that have little to do with the reality of how we could ever look because the cost is too high. 


As a result of all the bright perfect smiles around, my smile is sometimes a little more closed than others. How about you? What do you think about your teeth?