Scared of the Needle? Try the Wand!

Scared of the Needle? Try the Wand!

Like most people, I hate getting shots. I actually have such a huge needle-phobia, that I've been known to pass out at the doctor after receiving a shot. I even recently had a cavity filled without getting a Novocaine injection at all!

Dentistry has come a long way, however. Some dentists are now using "The Wand" instead of regular injection techniques. Those who have experience "The Wand" swear that it was completely painless. What exactly does it do?

The Wand is simply a new approach to injections. Instead of relying on the dentist to deliver the prick and the medicine, the Wand uses a computer to handle everything. The needle is tiny, and after the dentist positions the Wand in the correct location, he pushes a foot pedal to allow the computer to do the rest. Most of the pain felt during anesthetic injections is actually from the medicine being delivered too fast. With the Wand, the computer controls the rate of delivery, eliminating the discomfort that is normally felt. In fact, patients who go to a Wand dentist report being less anxious during the appointment.

So, why have so few heard of this before?

Very few dentists are actually using the Wand in their practice. It is a very expensive piece of equipment, and it takes special training to learn how to use it. Even if a dentist decides to give it a try, the supplies that must be purchased on a day-to-day basis are costly as well.

In addition to cost, the Wand takes up ample space in an exam room. Some dentists simply don't have enough room to put one of these computers.

Dentists also complain that the Wand system takes more time. If appointments start running longer, they cannot see as many patients in a day, reducing their income.

My verdict?

I want the Wand!

I don't care if it's expensive - my dentist gets a hefty salary as it is, and buying one is not going to cause his mansion to go into foreclosure.

I don't care if it takes more time - anxious patients, like myself, seek out dentists with more comfortable, pain-free offices. In the end, the dentist will probably gain more regular customers.

The next time you go in for a cleaning, tell your dentist that you want to see the Wand in their office.