Exes don't make the best dentists

Exes don't make the best dentists

Your girlfriend, who also happens to be a dentist, catches you in bed with another woman. Do you:

A) Bury your head in shame and beg her to forgive you.

B) Erase her number from your contact list and never speak again.

C) Call her up the next time you have a toothache.

If you answered C, then wow, just wow. If you chose A or B, please read on to learn about the craziness and stupidity of some people.

This exact scenario happened to a Polish man just a few weeks ago. He decided to cheat on his girlfriend. She found out and kicked him to the curb. He didn't think that she would still be angry with him and bravely scheduled a dental appointment with her.

Marek Olszewski woke up one morning to find himself in a bit of pain. He knew that his tooth needed to be examined and thought his ex-girlfriend would be the perfect dentist. After all, she had a great professional reputation, and he felt that she would treat him right.

His ex, Anna Mackowiak, felt much differently. When Olszewski stepped into her office, she tried her best to be professional. The pain of his infidelity was still fresh in her heart, but she attempted to push those emotions to the side. Once Olszewski was under general anesthesia, however, all rational thinking flew out the window. Here lay her cheating ex-boyfriend, helpless and unconscious.

So what did Anna Mackowiak do? She did exactly what every bitter ex-girlfriend has dreamed about. Instead of fixing the one bad tooth in her ex-boyfriend's mouth, she pulled out every tooth in there. She wrapped his head up in bandages and told him that there were some complications during the procedure.

Olszewski discovered his toothless mouth when he got back home and removed the dressings. He couldn't understand why she did this. He thought they were still friends. What? Who stays "friends" with their unfaithful lover? Men can be so delusional at times.

Sure, Anna Mackowiak faces a ton of legal issues, but her ex will never get his teeth back. The next time you have a toothache, make sure you seek the services of a neutral, third-party dentist.