David J Olson DDS, Seattle - Review

David J Olson DDS, Seattle - Review

509 Olive Way Ste 1238 Seattle, WA 98101

I was duped into paying hundreds of dollars ($178) - with pretty good dental insurance!

I was previously a patient of Dr Voget (whom this practiced belonged to before Dr Olson yelp.com/biz/richard-m-v…), then left to go to a different dental practice (where my partner worked). This practice became way to far when I moved so I had to leave. Came back to the Olson office and it appears everything but the doctor remained the same (which is good as Dr Voget was getting a bit "long in the tooth").

Before leaving the practice with Dr Voget, but not as the reason I left, I was charged over a hundred dollars for dental Xrays that I am sure I didn't need. I had insurance but the office did not check with them to see if this was covered so I had to pay out of pocket. That was fine at the time... I didn't know better.

Skip to a few weeks ago when I came back. It was my NY resolution to take advantage of my insurance that is covered by my employer (both medical and dental). I had 3 different appointments all close together. I made it clear that I was coming to use said insurance.

Appointment 1: meeting the new doctor, getting my teeth cleaned. I also had a full set of xrays taken. I was never asked for any information from my previous dentist but assumed that the office would check my insurance to make sure everything was covered. I was told that i would need to come back for a deep clean and to get a sealant fixed. The sealant would come to around $70 with insurance, no mention of the cost for the deep clean so I assumed it was covered. I made an appointment to have the sealant fixed.

I received my EOB from insurance about a week later. I was to be charged over a hundred dollars for xrays I didn't need. I called and explained I thought this was unfair as it was never mentioned before they were taken - otherwise I wouldn't have had them taken. The front office manager did remove the charge... no fuss. I was surprised. Maybe things have changed. I was happy about this but to be honest I shouldn't have been charged for them in the first place. They could have had my recent xrays sent at any time without having to take them. Xrays are a great and easy way to make money. The profit margin is HUGE... but that's not what I want to write about now.

Appointment 2: fixing a sealant. I got my EOB from the dental insurance company about a week later. $80... close enough. I called and paid it. I made an appointment for a deep clean. No mention that there would be a cost, so I assumed it would be covered.

Appointment 3: Deep clean. I received my EOB from the insurance about a week later. It was not covered as I had had one within a certain time frame... so the out of pocket cost would be $178... yikes. I called and it looks like if we would have waited a few months this would be a covered service. This information was available to the office at this point, well in advance of the appointment. I emailed and let them know I was concerned about this. I was told they may have charged the wrong quad and would contact the insurance and see about fixing it. Over a week passes and I get an email that is basically like "Sorry - this was not covered you will have to pay it". Our honeymoon was over.

I emailed the office manager back and let her know I was not happy about this. First, I was clear - always - that I was coming in to take advantage of my insurance. Not to spend hundreds of dollars out of pocket. I let her know that of course I would pay it but that would be the last time I pay them anything. She wrote back and basically said "OK. Pay it. You should have checked your insurance if you didn't want out of pocket expenses. Have a great life!

So I let them know that I would call in the morning to make my final payment, that I wanted some form of statement saying I will not be charged anything additional (or God forbid be sent to collections "accidentally"), and to not be surprised If I write an honest review online. I called. Front office manager said thanks and hung up. A few weeks pass and I have to email them again for the requested statement (I don't trust them now, obviously).

This is not how it is done at nice places. My last office always gave me about 5-10 minutes after each appointment to schedule new appointments and to check the insurance information. They would always give me an accurate quote for services before making new appointments and make sure I was comfortable with the cost first. This is proactive. All of this info is available right at their fingertips. All I can think is that they want to squeeze out some extra money... a bit dishonest.

TL;DR BEWARE. Fine place if you want to awkwardly ask "will this be covered?" every. single. time. Poor customer service.