Sensitivity and pain under bridge.

I have had sensitivity and pain under my lower left bridge. If one of the tooth structures under the bridge needs a root canal or is abcessed, can the bridge be removed (easily?) and put back or will I need to have another new bridge made. That would suck
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Not necesarily...if there is not extensive decay under the tooth, they may be able to do the root canal and then just fill the tooth with amalgam or a composite filling.


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I recommend to do rtgx-rey picture to comferm problem.If you have only sensitivity you can try laser treatment if you have root problem dentist can cure it threw crown is it harder for dentist but chiper for you


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This all depends on the condition of your bridge (how old it is) and also how much decay you have under it (if you have decay)
Most times dentist can drill through the crown of the bridge to access the nerve, in most cases if the tooth is badly decayed it will loosen during this procedure.
I highly recommend seeing an Endodontist (root canal specialist).
Also, in many cases the bridge can be tapped off and recemented with temporary cement once the root canal is finished. The reason for use of temporary cement is that you'll go for another check up in most cases to see how this tooth is responding, if all is doing well, the bone is filling in and healing and you aren't having discomfort, you'll then have the tooth permantly filled and your bridge (if salvagabe) permantly cemented back in place.
Hope this helps (=


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they can drill through the top of the bridge and place a white filling after the tooth is fixed