Bad tooth. no money. How to kill the root.

Got no money for dentist. No insurance. Bad tooth. I have called all dentist in my area. None take payments. So its self help. How do I pull it or kill the root. Half tooth gone. Pulp an root exposed. HELP
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Hey! My guess is you are in a lot of PAIN. You may want to check with your local health department they sometimes offer discounted services or free to those who are qualified. I wouldn't do anything to it you could cause an infection and it could travel up into your jaw. Good luck!


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The old people used to use will turn the tooth black but could solve the problem....seeing the health dept/free clinic in your area is a good idea


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call this # (214) 630-7080

they can help you

feel better soon!


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aussie remedy. One pair of pliers
one bottle bourban
one mate.
or tie it to a door and slam it. lol
chewing asprin may help i hope you get better or richer soon.


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DO NOT chew aspirin. It will burn your gums. Have you tried a dental school (if any in your area). Have you gotten any estimates on how much for extraction of the tooth? What area are you in? Get help asap. Will only cause yourself more pain and poss infection.